I was born and raised in the remote island of Rapa Nui, my dad was a native men and he rise me by the Polynesian values of collaboration, empathy and protect, for the future generation, our natural en cultural heritage.

I love surfing and being in the nature, as an islander the ocean is part of my every single day and I can realise how is being destroyed and is something that I just can’t watch with crossing arms. I quit my job (as a Kinesiologist 4 years ago in the local Hospital) and started working full time for the ocean in marine conservation in a local community NGO Te Mau O Te Vaikava O Rapa Nui (the richness of the ocean of Rapa Nui) where I had the chance to learn more about the fragile of the Ocean, participate in national an international congresses, workshops, and programs.

Now, I’m the vice-president of Te Mau and work on a marine debris interception program in partnership with Parley and their network of collaborators.