STELLA is an Artist, Mariner and classic-boat restorer and lover of the mountains. Her hope for the upcoming eXXpedition is to become an ambassador for cleaner oceans around the world.

Whilst sailing across the Pacific in 2014 Stella became truly aware of the consequences that our everyday actions are having on the planet as a whole and she realised that she must help to create change.

In Stella’s practice as an artist and print-maker, she seeks to create a sense of immersion for the viewer, to draw them into a feeling or atmosphere emotive of new ways of thinking. Previously, a central theme in her practice has been the progressive relationship that humans have with the natural world and Stella’s work has explored the precarious balance between natural systems and our own man-made ones, seeking to demonstrate the fragility of our existence.

As Artist in Residence for eXXpedition, Stella is excited to share her vision for a cleaner world through the eyes of her artistry.

Once on board Sea Dragon, it’s Stella’s aim to produce ways to visually process and communicate the data that will be collected to a wider audience, in particular future generations. She also hopes that through creativity we are able to find beautiful and practical means of navigating around the everyday use of plastic in our lives. Stella passionately believes that it is only by raising awareness of the unseen effects of toxins and micro-particles on both our bodies and the environment that we can hope to generate discussion and change around the topic.