Trying to make the festival business cleaner and greener! Compost is her new favourite word.

A fresh-out-of-school journalist, working with climate and weather until eXXpedition Carribean departs from Trinidad. I grew up in a mountain farm in Norway, and have spent a whole lot more time in the mountains than in the ocean.

Finding litter and waste in the nature pisses me off. The past year I have learned that there is a whole lot more of this under water, where we cant see it. Attending eXXpedition I want to learn more about how the way we live our lives impacts not only the climate on the globe above surface, but also under it. And most importantly – I want to help telling the stories of how our plastic pollution affects life in the oceans.

I will be documenting the journey and the results of the research through blogging, articles, photos and video. After the journey I will use the information and stories we collect through the eXXpedition to, hopefully, open an eye or two to what is going on.

I hope to understand how people on the other side of the globe are experiencing plastic pollution in their day to day life. Our lives may seem different, but we all have the oceans in common, right?

I am excited to work with experienced scientists, artists, filmakers and other inspiring women from all over the world, and learn how we together can find solutions on the problem of marine pollution.

Hopefully I can use my profession help open other peoples’ eyes and minds. I have a degree in journalism, and a passion for outdoor life. That will not help me do the scientific research, but I can do my best to convey the information we collect!