Noelia’s expertise is in sustainability business. She is from southern Chile but currently lives on Easter Island. One of the main professional interests of Noelia is the health of the oceans that arose when she started diving off the coast of Nelson’s Bay, Newcastle, Australia.

Noelia, wants to help people become more aware of the consequences of our plastic consumption and the effect on our oceans and to understand that individual choices can have a positive impact on our planet. She is passionate about communication and she wants to use this expedition to the Pacific Arctic as a platform to encourage positive change in our behavior and interaction with our seas and oceans.

Outside of work, she enjoys biking and hiking, as well as being in the ocean outside enjoying the beauty of lakes and rivers. Noelia loves scuba diving and snorkelling.

Currently, she is developing a business model based on microplastics and marine debris. Noelia believes it is important to understand that today, microplastics are a tremendously useful potential material. There are many companies that are producing objects with this raw material, even producing textiles from the collection of plastic, so it has nothing to do with the plastic itself as a material, but rather on how we manage that plastic once we stop using it, reintegrating it into the economy and production processes.