Lynne Lambourne is a sustainability influencer and founder of Warriors on Waste a Sustainability Tribe of change-makers and concerned citizens. Lynne started Warriors on Waste in 2015  and regularly tours schools and festivals on her ‘Saving Nemo Tour’ helping to inspire the children to want to save the oceans. 
Warriors on Waste started as a club for children but has now grown to so much more.
Through Lynne’s work with Warriors on Waste, she has been involved with making events like the Ideal Home Show- where she designs the show gardens, sustainable. Lynne has ensured that everyone in attendance and all exhibitors follow strict sustainability rules. Warriors on Waste is now an information hub, connecting people and companies to make being sustainable an easy option. In 2019 Lynne won the Sue Ryder “Women of Achievement Award’ for her work.
Lynne is really excited to be meeting and working with her fellow crew members on EXXpedition. Lynne hopes to learn more about the situation in the ocean and how we can use the findings of our research to bring about changes and inspire others to join us.
” We all have to take ownership of the problem, I really believe that if we work together all the small changes we make have a massive impact. Together we really can save the world, it’s as simple as that”