As a teenager Louise sailed on a tall ship across the channel and loved the experience. This gave her an interest in sailing that she is keen to continue. She has worked with a lot of children and supported many families in her career so far and has always had an interest in outdoor play and learning, particularly how children’s behaviour and development can be impacted by being outside.

In the last few years she has become acutely aware of the rubbish and pollution in the local environment as well as the scale of the global problem. During local beach cleans she is always shocked at the amount of micro plastics and old plastic items that we find. She feels strongly that we have a responsibility to find solutions to this problem for the next generations and believes that one person can be the catalyst for change, with the right support.

She started her own outdoor play and education business in 2016 with the aim of nurturing a love of the outdoors and a connection with the environment. This is why she got involved with the Cleaner Coastlines and Plastic Free Communities campaigns to help spread the message and help people (including herself) to make small changes. She is passionate about the environment and helping children to understand how to live alongside and look after our world. 

She studied Early Childhood Studies and then Child and Adolescent Studies to degree level and also has qualifications in forest school.