An innate interest in the natural world, new science, and the tangible human story which ties it all together has driven my work in content production and communications for some of the top independent television producers, international broadcasters and not-for-profit organizations in such cities as London, UK,  Toronto, Ontario, and now here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. A natural history and adventure/travel storyteller at heart, I thrive on the process of creating resonant and relevant content – the best way to insight action and advocacy is to inspire and educate!

I began my communications career with one foot planted firmly on either side of the Arts/Science fence – stemming from a background in programming and public engagement at both the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and then the Natural History Museum in London, UK where I assisted in the grand opening of the Sir David Attenborough Studio and first participated in such photography events as Wildlife Photographer of the Year. These combined interests and strengths inspired me to start using my research and writing skills, ultimately leading me to researcher, story producer and Associate Producer roles on a wide variety of ambitious specialist-factual natural history and science productions for such networks as PBS, BBC, National Geographic, IMAX, Travel Channel and Smithsonian Channel. Along the way, I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to use my Production Management and Site Coordination skills to be an extremely effective and integral part of some large scale event productions, including the United Nation’s Global Compact, UNESCO’s Year of Indigenous Languages / First People’s Cultural Council events, and several other live CBC Specials. Most recently, my professional path has brought me back to the not-for-profits, in a Content Producer / Media Manager role for Waterlution’s “”Water Innovation Labs”” – funded in part by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The Pacific Northwest is a place of punch-you-between-the-eyes natural beauty, and it’s stolen my heart since moving out here from the Great Lakes in late 2017.

Now, as my partner and I have followed our hearts and moved to the West Coast to pursue our ocean sailing dreams of being on the water 365 days/year (instead of 60 days/year on the Great Lakes!) I look forward to continuing to sink my teeth into the stories that make this place so enchanting, and hope that my work can help to keep it all that very way.