Ibrahim Nadheeh is a Consultant Senior Fisheries Research Officer for International Pole and Line Foundation from Kaafu Atoll.

With a lifelong passion for fishing, Ibrahim has been involved in Maldivian fisheries projects since June 1991. Most of his work includes collecting information on the Maldivian one-by-one tuna fishery, including data on tuna and baitfish catch, fuel use and bycatch. This information supports much of IPNLF’s building evidence work which is key to informing management and best practise decision making.

As a qualified observer, his time spent within the industry and working alongside small scale fishers has given him a wealth of sea-going experience with a wide network of fisherfolk. His work focuses primarily on the fisheries themselves, mostly involving hands on field work, means that Ibrahim has frequent contact with stakeholders who are directly related to the ocean. He prides himself on the excellent relationships he has fostered and maintained within the fishing community as this is key to helping to preserve the environment.

With the knowledge he gains from the programme he hopes to empower others with knowledge, specifically within his line of work, and across wider channels such as social media.