Catherine is an all-round adventurer, mother of 3 and entrepreneur with the heart of a healer. To date Catherine has a varied career, from treasury, to managing a bird watching resort in Guyana, to being a cook on the expedition boat Pelagic. This then moved on to 20 years as a mental health therapist whilst raising children and writing a best-selling book Gut Well Soon and launching an online programme promoting sustainable and non-processed food consumption for every food preferences and over 23 health conditions; because as she says “writing a book was not enough “ she wanted to create something practical people could follow in everyday life to improve their health and the environment .

Catherine recently worked with the charity in the Maldives and has seen first-hand the toll ghost nets take on the lives of sea turtles, so she is highly motivated to contribute and learn from eXXpedition about the issue of plastic in our seas and how our consumption in linked to the overall health of our planet, then go out and spread the word.