eXXpedition Caribbean 2017 kicked off with Oksana, Agathe and Lucy attending a workshop on resilience. eXXpedition was invited to contribute towards discussions on waste management and solution for implementation of Circular Economy.
The group comprised of businesses, farmers, NGOs and social groups came together to discuss how Grenada can transition to clean energy systems, a secure food system and circular waste management and was 90% women. The debate lasted around 3 hours and ended with a plan for future workshops and a priority list of actions for the group. eXXpedition team left inspired and with a unique insight into the challenges faced by a small island nation at the frontline of climate change and resource challenges. At the end of the workshop our Scientist in Residence, Oksana Lane harvested hair samples for Mercury analysis.
Our filmmaker Agathe spent the day before visiting the waste management site on the island and meeting with local activists to understand the complexity of environmental challenges faced here.

And lastly our crew hosted students of the Marine Biology course at St Georges University, Grenada onboard Sea Dragon to give an overview of the eXXpedition mission and the problem of plastics and toxics in our oceans.