According to waste charity, Wrap, more than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year… but this is about to change, as several fashion brands now offer buy-back schemes in store or online! Buy-back schemes help to close the loop by allowing you to sell back your unwanted apparel to retailers – helping to keep your old clothes out of the landfill.


Check out some of our favourite programs below:


Adidas Infinite Play

Adidas is helping to keep old clothes out of the landfills and ocean buy buying back your old gear. Once received, they’ll sort your gear and clean or repair it if needed, then make sure it gets a new life with somebody else by reselling it. Only if it’s really worn out will it be turned into something new. Either way, we’ll keep it out of waste.


Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia seeks to keep clothes “in action” for longer with their Worn Wear scheme. Patagonia accepts used clothing that functions perfectly and is in good condition. When you trade in your quality, well-loved Patagonia gear, they’ll give you credit toward purchases in Patagonia retail stores, on and


John Lewis

My John Lewis & myWaitrose members are eligible for a fashion BuyBack scheme, that pays you for unwanted clothes which you’ve previously bought from them. John Lewis have pledged to ensure that they’re reused or recycled and never go to landfill.