Check out some of our our favourite clothing & shoes brands that are turning plastic waste into wearable fashion!



Shoes & Bags

Rothy’s have transformed 56+ million plastic water bottles and marine plastic debris into wearable fashion. Check out their shoes and bags!



Shoes & Clothing

Any new plastic, including polyester, created today can be a plastic waste problem tomorrow. Since 2012, Adidas has innovated ways to tackle the problem of plastic waste in how they make their products. By 2024, they will have stopped using virgin polyester completely.



Clothing & Activewear

The revolutionary project aims to be replicated all over the world and its main objective is to recover trash that is destroying the sea, and transform it into top quality yarn to produce garments. This pioneering initiative has three objectives: to remove litter that damages marine ecosystems from our seas; giving a second life to recovered waste with a circular economy view, and raising awareness about the global issue that marine litter presents.




Based in Patagonia, Chile, Karün’s high quality products are made only using natural, noble and/or recycled materials, helping empower local rural entrepreneurs to both protect nature and turn waste into a source of income. All waste material collected in the south of Chile is recycled using the ECONYL® regeneration system.



Skateboards, hats, fins, eyewear and even toys and furniture! 

Bureo started by making skateboards from recycled fishing nets. Their recycling program in Chile, ‘Net Positiva’, provides fishing net collection points to keep plastic fishing nets out of our oceans. Today, they use disruptive innovation to inspire change and create tangible positive impacts through a number of different collections.


Ocean Mimic


Swimwear brand Ocean Mimic creates swimwear out of a fabric made of recycled plastic and fishing nets.


Fourth Element

Swimwear & Wetsuits

Fourth Element is dedicated to making the best gear for your underwater adventures, from award winning drysuits and wetsuits to swimwear and rashguards made from recycled ghost fishing nets.