We are excited to announce that our long term supporter, 11th Hour Racing, have created a fantastic new video highlighting how small actions can make a big difference for our planet’s future. Watch the short film below! 

From the bustling boulevards of New York City to the urban backyards of Providence, Rhode Island, nature is teaching us how it can heal and restore itself — like magic. Meet the oyster: it doesn’t look like a magician, but did you know one oyster can filter 50 gallons of water in a day? Or, consider food scraps: by simply composting instead of throwing them in the trash, you remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change.

Like 11th Hour Racing, we believe that many small actions can make a BIG difference, both on land and at sea. Take a plastic bottle, for example. Every plastic bottle polluting the ocean was once bought, used and discarded by someone, but imagine what happens when all of those people make different, more informed choices. Instead, they buy and carry a reusable water bottle, and refill at water stations on-the-go. The annual flow of plastic bottles into the ocean could be reduced — like magic. The plastic pollution crisis in our ocean reflects the combined micro actions of billions of people, and it is the combined micro actions of billions of people that will help solve it. Big changes start with small steps and we all have the power to make a difference.


The SHiFT Method, created by Emily Penn, ocean advocate and eXXpedition co-founder, is designed to help people find their role in solving the world’s most pressing issues. The SHiFT Platform uses innovative technology to help people discover shifts they can make in their everyday lives to reduce plastic waste. From simple consumer choices, to more complex industry actions, you can explore ideas that create long term change.

So what are you waiting for? #ChooseMagic #jointheSHiFT #eXXpedition


11th Hour Racing works to mobilise sailing, maritime and coastal communities with an innovative approach to inspire solutions for the ocean. The organisation’s grant program, funded by The Schmidt Family Foundation, is committed to advancing innovative projects that improve the health of our oceans and address the dynamic environmental challenges facing the sailing and marine communities. Driven by a philosophy of “local solutions to global problems,” the organisation connects international sailing teams with global events and utilises these platforms to spotlight a broad portfolio of community grant projects. Learn more at 11thhourracing.org.