St Lucia to Bermuda

Leg 21

Saint Lucia, an island dominated by dense jungle and with high peaks along a ridge running through its centre. An amazing backdrop to the start of this voyage leg! We will explore the issues of plastic pollution and marine debris on land before stepping aboard to sail almost 700 nautical miles towards the North Atlantic Gyre and the island of Bermuda. Whilst at sea we will be able to carry out our scientific research, including our surface manta trawls and processing of ocean surface microplastic samples. We will step ashore to tell our tale and fulfil our mission of ‘making the unseen seen’.


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Leg Itinerary

  • Day 1: Leg 21 guest crew arrive.
    Saint Lucia
  • EVENT: Waste survey and clean-up.
    Saint Lucia
  • Day 2: Planned departure towards Bermuda
    Saint Lucia
  • Sailing, science, talks and adventures at sea!
  • Day 14: Planned arrival into Bermuda.
  • EVENT: Outreach Talk - Stories of science, sailing and solutions!
  • Day 15: Leg 21 guest crew depart.