Bermuda to Rhode Island

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Bermuda is a perfect location for us to explore the issue of plastic pollution and marine debris. An island on the west of the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda receives the full force of the waves and currents. Therefore we expect to find a fair amount of marine debris along its eastern shore, particularly with its proximity to the North Atlantic Gyre, one of the five ocean gyres. This provides a great place for us to develop our understanding of the challenges faced and see this global issue at an island-scale.

We will then set out on an adventurous, upwind sail towards Newport, Rhode Island, carrying out our scientific research, trawling the surface for microplastics and even analysing some of these samples on board. We will be able to work together to discuss our findings and suitable solutions to this global issue, before we arrive in Newport. Having recently signed an Executive Order aimed to reduce reliance on single-use plastic in the region, Rhode Island is at a pivotal point in shifting mindsets and behaviour to a less wasteful future. Therefore it is a great opportunity to step ashore to share our stories and research with the local community.

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