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eXXpedition VS Vacation.

This is something that is joked about on the boat plenty. Many of us, before leaving, encountered friends, loved ones, and colleagues who referred to this as a vacation. Maybe we wax poeticly we are the types to always look on the bright side. This post describes some of our daily challenges. Brazil, tropics, sailing, […]

Life on board as a Storyteller. (Or Navigating Nausea.)

My intention to sail the Atlantic with scientists and sailors is to create stories that are imbued with facts and embroiled with enchantment. The rest of the crew were excited to hear that there would be a storyteller on board and have been waiting curiously for storytime. Well, they would have to wait – because […]

Dear Noah – Happy Birthday!

Well Noah it was six years ago today that you shot out of my body in less than four hours, a speed you have kept up! I remember those first few days when we lay in bed at Plot Street Cottage. I lay there stunned as my heart flooded with a new kind of love. […]

Amazing Grace

In this blog we have 3 viewpoints from Em’s (First mate) watch team. Sounds like the girls are having a heavy but exhilarating ride! Sarah: I am in my bunk, there is just enough room to roll onto my side but not enough room to touch my toes. There is a shelf four inches above my […]


Night watch 4a.m 7 Nov In Native American ceremonies throwing up is called “getting well” . It is something to be done proudly in front of the tipi fire. It is illness moving out of the body physically. I really got well last night. I was crouching at the helm but Holly heard me from […]

First sight…

Walking along the beach to catch the launch that will take us to the Sea Dragon. A line of plastic along the shore. There is nothing here that I have not thrown away my self. Crisp packets, bottles, wrappers. The launch arrives at the Sea Dragon. The boat is smaller than I imagined and the […]