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We Are

WRITTEN BY ALEXA AND THE LEG 6 CREW We are sailors we are scientists we are awake at all hours we are looking for plastics and searching for whales along the way we are making the unseen seen we are high plank contestants we are baking crossiants at 3am we are gybing at 6 am […]

Curious new friendships

WRITTEN ON LEG ONE FROM PLYMOUTH TO AZORES WITH ROTHY’S Day 4 on SV TravelEdge saw all the chirpy faces from the day before going back to slightly green with the change in tack overnight. We had people rolling out of beds and getting acquainted with the new orientations of the boat, to the point […]

Sea Legs Wanted

WRITTEN ON LEG ONE FROM PLYMOUTH TO AZORES WITH ROTHY’S It’s currently Day 3 (!??!) of eXXpedition Round the World mission. The last 3 days have somewhat blended together. As we departed Plymouth on Tuesday there was an overwhelming sense of anticipation, a complete joy that after months of preparation, we were finally setting sail […]

They’ve Set Sail!

First 10 women set sail at the beginning of Round the World Today, S.V TravelEdge set sail on the first leg of eXXpedition Round the World. eXXpedition Plymouth to Azores with Rothy’s will see the multidisciplinary crew of women, which includes a police constable, documentary filmmaker, yoga instructor, archaeologist, students, activists, and businesswomen head out into rough […]

Send Off Event in Plymouth

On Monday night (7th October 2019), the University of Plymouth hosted the eXXpedition team on the evening before their departure at the Marine Station. The University of Plymouth is a key science partner for eXXpedition Round the World. The event was held in the Marine Station, which with panoramic sea views was the perfect location […]