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I want to describe ”watch”. A totally unatural but necessary evil that advances the plot of sailing. It entails so many triumphal moments that I feel compelled to illuminate it in mind-numbing detail in order for all of us to understand this discipline; watch. I asked about it on the first day, silly me, and […]

Fair winds

The wind is now in our favor – but not soon enough to make Ascension Island in our allotted time. “The wind is in our favour”. What exactly does that mean? No longer can I hear that sentence and take it at face value. It is now a huge question mark at 4am about sails, reaches, easing, speed […]

A tale of two cities: part 2

So – waking up the first morning in Dakar, I had one mission: get the batteries for my underwater drone at the DHL office. As this is the very first prototype of the drone, it is not yet sized to fit in carry on luggage, and thus the batteries were shipped. So, Katie, Jess, Heather […]