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eXXpedition’s Virtual Voyages: South Africa, Brazil, Caribbean and Arctic

Following our Virtual Voyages in the South Pacific, we ran a series of immersive learning experiences connected to South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Arctic. Taking part were 35 women from 15 nationalities who came together bringing their own unique superpower and area of expertise “on board”.  The crew also took part in a […]

An arms length away

”Oops, I just accidently bumped into your butt there!” Whitney and Caroline are standing on deck, arranging their stuff in the backpacks while trying not to fall overboard.  We are twelve women on a 72 foot boat, and bumping into one another is unavoidable. I constantly have an eXXpedition girl within reach when I stretch […]

eXXpedition Caribbean launches in Trinidad

You know the saying “out of sight out of mind”? Today’s revelation for me was that trash is the other way around. Let me elaborate: today we did a beach clean here in hot, sunny Chaguaramas, Trinidad. When we got started it didn’t seem so bad, but once we got going I realized it was […]