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A tale of two cities: Part 1

Dakar is one of those cities that has a thousand stories to tell… everywhere you look there is something unfolding, behind every face there is mystique and even the ocean roars like no other I’ve ever seen. 12 hours after arriving here the eXXpedtiongirls already have a catalogue of stories to dine out on for […]

Meet Sarah Mooney

Meet Sarah Mooney, our resident storyteller. Sarah has been creating stories and characters about life on the high seas on board the SS Great Britain in Bristol, UK for the last 5 years, and when she’s not there, you’ll more than likely find her in the woods – igniting the imagination with stories of magical […]

WAVE MAKERS: eXXpedition needs you

Life has a funny way of working out. It twists and turns and you never really get to see what’s waiting around the corner. But that’s the beauty right? the mystery. The adventure.