With the summer season in full swing, many of us are spending more time outdoors with family and friends and with last month being Plastic Free July, it’s a great opportunity to join a global movement to reduce plastic pollution. From beach cleans to sustainable swaps, challenge yourself to make a SHiFT this month, and eliminate single-use plastics from daily life.⁠


Picture Credit: Eleanor Church

Here at SHiFT we wanted to share with you some ideas and activities to help you make the most of the summer whilst implementing some positive changes and reducing the impact we have on our environment. Using SHiFT.How, we bring you 5 plastic-friendly solutions to brighten up your summer fun!


Picture Credit: Nita Jirgensone


Nurdles are small plastic pellets which, when melted together, are used by industry to make nearly all our plastic products.

Fidra’s, The Great Nurdle Hunt map highlights nurdle pollution on coastlines and water bodies across the world.

Data is collected and submitted online by volunteer ‘nurdle hunters’. Taking part is easy, and can be done anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is count the number of nurdles you find, and submit your findings to their database.

These findings will then be uploaded onto the Great Nurdle Hunt online map, for everyone to see. 6598 nurdles hunts have already been completed and submitted.



Looking for some fun ways to engage your kids this summer?

Why not get them involved in the SUPKids Programme.

The program is designed to teach kids SUP, water safety and environmental education. It is run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment with a real focus on building self-esteem. They’ve taken environmental education out of the classroom, to the great outdoors.

SUPKids is partnered with leading SUP brand, Starboard, and now has 40+ schools globally and is committed to connecting kids into nature & teaching them to protect their planet.

Find out more here!



Have you ever tried creating art from plastic?

Upcycling plastic waste in art is a fantastic way to give plastic a second life and create something lasting that will spread awareness and bring joy too! Check out this page to learn about more fun ways to use art as a way to inspire change! It includes an easy step-by-step guide from eXXpedition Ambassador, architect and artist, Lula Gill!



Repairing and mending doesn’t mean we can’t afford to buy something new, it means we can’t afford something being thrown away. What used to be a badge of shame is now something to be proud of. Repairing clothes is practical, symbolic, creative and original. Fashion Revolution has a great ‘Repair and Mend‘ Guides that makes it easy to care for your favourite items!



As gardeners, we are surrounded by plastic with nearly every item we use when growing our own. Whether it be seed trays, plant pots, compost bags, plastic labels, plastic cloches, propagators and all other GYO accessories.

With Spring upon us, what better time to make your green-fingers even greener by SHiFTing to plastic-free gardening.

Check out Garden Ninja for some great tips to get you started!

Your summer can still be action packed and fun, but by getting creative with these different ideas and activities you can try something new, shift your perspective and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

With SHiFT, there are now hundreds of solutions available at just the click of your mouse. 

The Platform helps you to understand the crux of a problem and weigh up where your biggest opportunity to make an impact may be. 

We do not need everyone to do everything, but we do need everyone to do something. 

What will your next SHiFT be?

We encourage you to share your actions across social media to inspire others to join you in making a difference in their own lives, communities, businesses and wider world.