Sail with us…through film!
We will be telling the story of our journey by producing a feature-length documentary led by our on-board filmmaker Jennifer Pate but with essential contributions from the whole crew. This will be a story of real women, using adventure, research and life experience to ask big questions about the relationship between environmental and personal health.
By producing and sharing this film we hope to take our audience on the journey with us, opening their eyes to the realities of this type of expedition; from sailing to health, friendship to research, adventure to education.
We want to showcase and celebrate female adventurers and changemakers – encouraging others to follow in our tracks, knowing that they, too, can make a difference to their own health, and the health of the world around them – whether it’s out on the Ocean or back at home.
Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us inspire hope for a healthier future!
The eXXpedition Crew