eXXpedition Virtual Voyages

An Immersive Leadership Experience

Since 2014, eXXpedition has been taking all-women crews on transformative journeys out at sea to understand the causes of and solutions to the plastic pollution problem. We’ve now designed a new program to deliver that transformative experience back on land.

The Virtual Voyages give guest crew an in-depth understanding of the true impact of the plastics issue, forge and deepen relationships within our eXXpedition global community, develop solutions-based thinking and result in a plan for how people can apply their superpower to solve the problem.

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A Five-Part Journey

From the comfort of your home

eXXpedition’s two-week Virtual Voyages include many of the best parts of our at-sea missions and on-shore workshops, giving each participant the unique opportunity to network with talented women from across sectors and gain the knowledge and expertise to speak with authority on the issue of plastic pollution and its solutions.

Each voyage is unique, tailored to prepare people to create change around plastic pollution. From live scientific analysis to collecting samples in your local area, collaborative problem solving, and individual mentorship. Our aim is to equip and empower our crew with new tools, an action plan and a group of like-minded women to continue this journey with!


April - June 2021

Leg 2: Virtual Voyage Fiji 5th Feb – 19th Feb 2021

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Leg 3: Virtual Voyage Vanuatu 27th Feb – 27th Feb 2021

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Leg 4: Virtual Voyage Australia 12th March – 26th March 2021

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Leg 5: Virtual Voyage South Africa 20th Apr – 3rd May 2021

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Leg 1: Virtual Voyage Tonga  22nd Jan – 5th Feb 2021

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Leg 6: Virtual Voyage Brazil  4th May – 17th May 2021

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Leg 7: Virtual Voyage Caribbean 

18th May – 31st May 2021

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Leg 8: Virtual Voyage Arctic 

1st Jun – 14th Jun 2021

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The Voyage

What's in store

You’ll navigate through superpowers and solutions using interactive tools, Mural and Zoom, head out to your local area to conduct a litter survey using the Marine Debris Tracker App and watch as a mission leader analyses microplastics samples in real time using the Perkin Elmer FTIR Machine.

A Virtual Voyage includes:

  • 20 hours of contact time
  • eXXpedition T-shirt and cleanup sack
  • Access to the Community Hub of resources, working groups and events

After the Virtual Voyage finishes, you will have an opportunity to become an eXXpedition Ambassador and continue in the community.

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From past virtual voyage crew

“What an amazing opportunity to meet such a diverse group of women and be inspired by their hope for the future. Talking about the practical solutions to an environmental problem was such a refreshing experience when we are so often surrounded by doom stories. It has encouraged me in pursuing my Geography degree with the exciting prospect of working with women like this in the future.”

Phoebe, Virtual Voyage Leg 1


“After this voyage I feel empowered and ready to take action to tackle the issue around plastic pollution. There are so many solutions that need to be address on different scales that any action is a step on the right direction. On this journey of action, I am grateful to be surrounded by supportive women that share the same values as me.”

– Eugénie, Virtual Voyage Leg 1


“The virtual voyage with eXXpedition opened a new world for me, in terms of knowledge and networking with super qualified women! And the format kept me interested and motivated at all times night and day!”

Cat, Virtual Voyage Leg 1


“Joining leg 2 of the virtual voyage with eXXpedition was uplifting, empowering and strangely liberating considering we couldn’t leave our homes!! Connecting with like minded ladies who are also on a mission to raise awareness of the realities of ocean plastic pollution and who want to voice the solutions was so inspiring and reassuring. Often I feel like I am on a one woman mission and it felt good to know I’m not.

This experience has spurred me on to weave the magic that I can through sharing my knowledge and helping people who want to develop their careers in the environment, sustainability and marine sector. I ultimately want to make a positive social impact and support the generations of today plus the generations of tomorrow. I fully intend to pass on the knowledge I have gained and play my part in making a difference in my own meaningful way. ”

Katie, Virtual Voyage Leg 2