Stacey has her own company as an applied equine podiatrist and she teaches a course on equine foot function in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

She believes in life long learning. Over the last year she has taken the UNEP’s online course ‘Marine Litter’, and a course from the BirdLab at Cornell University ‘Nature Journaling and Field Sketching’. She is not afraid of the unknown, she’s changed careers 3 times, lived in 6 different cities in Canada and moved to France in 2000 where she learned to speak French at age 43. She has a social media presence (blog, instagram, FB) where she posts about Endocrine Disrupters, equality for women and how to live with less plastic. She enjoys sharing the various ways she avoids plastic in her home (DIY cosmetics, recycled cloth produce bags, tissue holders, etc.)

She currently volunteers for her local foodbank. Last fall, she helped a local fishing club with their garbage clean-up by feeding the results into a brand audit for ‘Breakfreefromplastic’. In Canada she voluteered for a grey whale research group (CERF), lead a community group for the City of Coquitlam at their Salmon Hatchery and volunteered for an environmental youth group (Lifeboat Flotilla).

Stacey’s not a spring chicken at 63, but she is excited and extremely proud to be part of the crew. She’s looking forward to her next metamorphosis.