Judith was born and grew up in Southern California, USA. She spent the majority of her life living near the Pacific coastline of Santa Monica and Ventura beaches. She has always been interested in science and biology in particular. She received a degree in microbiology and has taught science for over 30 years.

She is currently teaching at an elementary school of Environmental Science in Ventura, California. Besides travelling, her interests include sailing, hiking, skiing, beekeeping, and environmental issues.
She finds it exciting to explore different parts of our planet.
Each new experience with people, cultures, and the sheer beauty of our world makes her want to help fix this plastic dependency problem. Hopefully sharing her adventure of this expedition with her students will create a spark in them to care about our environment and be brave enough to go out there, take action, and share with others. Teaching them to rethink how they use plastic in their life and what impact it has on our ocean environment and ultimately themselves and their families is her goal. She is  excited to be with a group of innovative women who are passionate about what is happening to our oceans. Life is short….do what you can.