Earning a B.A. from UCLA in the Conservation of Ecosystems, and an inter-disciplinary M.A. in Environmental Leadership from Antioch University, Jenny believes firmly in doing all we can to avoid unnecessary exposures to toxins in our daily lives and in protecting our environment.

Currently serving as Executive Manager for MADE SAFE, and previously for Healthy Child Healthy World, she enjoys working at the leading-edge of environmental advocacy, education, policy building and health, most recently by producing sustainability conferences like #raisethegreenbar.

Before, during and after this unique eXXpedition adventure, Jenny plans to challenge herself to lead and educate more effectively, helping to focus the world’s attention on halting excessive plastic production and reducing toxic, marine-killing, non-biodegrading plastics in oceans and waterways.

She thanks her financial sponsor On the Day! and hopes you will support her other listed sponsors for all they do around ocean plastic research, advocacy and cleanup.

Jenny is dedicating this trip in memory of Jeremy Dossetter in order that his love of the ocean continues through her efforts. Please support his favorite charity San Francisco Surfrider, sf.surfrider.org/rise-above-plastic/