Eliana is the kind of person who believes we can all make a difference with our actions and positive change.

She was born in Porto, and it was in Portugal that she lived most of her life, where she first paid attention to this problem. She completed her masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2013 and her concern for public health and the toxic effects of micro plastics in our body are increasingly manifesting itself.

Besides her interest in science, research, nature and all living things, she recently discovered a new passion: scuba diving. Her passion for diving strengthened her relationship with the ocean and she wants to understand more about it. Since she is living in Macau, China, she took a dip in the Pacific and Indian Ocean and from that moment on she saw the magnitude of the problem of plastic pollution, becoming aware of how it affects marine life, like sea turtles, fishes, whales, coral reefs and countless other marine species and habitats.