14 28.02 N
60 51.98 W
……Land Ho!!
Lights were spotted on the distant horizon at 4am by Sea Dragon’s second mate, Anne. This soon grew to resemble a string of twinkling lights, and as dawn broke we could see the island of Martinique take shape with its volcanic peak and lush, green wooded slopes.


After negotiating a minefield of fishing pots and lines we were able to get our mainsail down and prepare the boat for entry into the marina at Le Marin. It was so strange and exciting to know that our feet would soon touch ground after nearly 3 weeks at sea. Would we be able to walk, stagger, or somehow navigate our way to real showers?? We were greeted by a representative from the Atlantic Odyssey and members of the local community who graciously provided us with a basket of local products. We were also congratulated by crews from the two boats who crossed the finish line first, together, just one day before us.


Bursting out of the confined space, after landing and checking in, the crew scattered to buy ice cold drinks and ice creams. We made calls and sent updates to family and friends who had been closely and anxiously following our journey. In fact, it was wonderful to know that so many of you had been following our journey so closely, making it feel to all of us that we were not so alone and isolated on the great ocean expanse. Thank you to all of you who did so.
It did not take us long to get our land legs, and we followed tradition by dining at a local restaurant, Mango Bay, where we enjoyed Caribbean cocktails and food. We all sensed the outside world pressing in on our bubble at sea, with the cacophony of sounds and so many people. We could all sense that the time together was growing short and our new found friendships would have to be maintained at a distance. This incredible experience has left a mark on us all in quite unique ways and is likely only to be fully appreciated after our return to our homes and busy, daily lives, only days away.
While this is our last blog of the eXXpedition Atlantic adventure, this will not be the last posting to the eXXpedition site. Stay tuned for continuing updates on our projects and initiatives in the coming months. XX!

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