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Day 16 Crew Update: Dolphin sightings!

The eXXpedition North Pacific crew were lifted by a wonderful sight a few days ago, which highlighted the importance of their mission. Crew member and filmmaker Jen Russell explains: “After a choppy few days, the mood onboard this morning was pretty subdued & some were back to battling with seasickness.  A few of us were […]

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Crew Update: Round Britain Day Six

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Vanessa Stephenson explains why day six was her “perfect day” on Sea Dragon: Day 5 “Ended Day 5 on a high. I took the helm on night watch and steered our multi-million dollar yacht on a course guided by stars and lights in the distance. To add to this there […]

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2nd December – Shanley’s sea tales and a trip to the hair salon, but not what you think!

17 47.97 N 54 04.76 W The miles really are beginning to speed by, despite the constant presence of gruelling heat and flat seas. Our skipper spoke the truth when she told us at the midway point that the days would now start to feel shorter and quicker. They are slipping through our fingers, and […]

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Sunday 30 November — Species Remembrance Ceremony & The Art of Making the Unseen Visible

19 40.70 N 49 19.10 W The morning greeted us with an incredible sunrise and the company of a mixed pod of dolphins, including both clymene and spotted, entertaining us with their antics at the side of the boat for at least a quarter of an hour. The winds have died down to 10 to 15 […]

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