Ocean Changemakers Toolkit

The Ocean Changemakers Toolkit is a free online resource designed for aspiring ocean ambassadors. Its aim is to provide information required by ambassadors to take part in, and effectively engage others in, action around ocean plastic pollution. There is a lot of excellent information already available online, but it is not organised in an easy and accessible way – the toolkit aims to bring together these great resources and additional new, novel and expert content to fill any gaps.

The Toolkit resources are organised into three sections


The knowledge section contains a careful curation of peer-reviewed scientific articles, books, talks and films around plastic, plastic pollution and plastic in our oceans. This section is designed to provide ambassadors with accurate background knowledge and references that they can use with confidence during their outreach.


The solutions section has been developed to help individuals explore the range of current solutions available to tackle ocean plastic – from beach cleans to reengineering of products and policy change. This section encourages ambassadors to find their role in tackling plastic pollution by highlighting where they can best apply their unique skillset to have the greatest impact.


The action section is designed to empower ambassadors to create the largest impact through their chosen actions. The resources are organised around the area where the individual would like to make a difference. This includes everything from resources for working with young people through to implementing and encouraging organisational and legislative change.
You can access the resources at www.oceanchangemakers.com. The Toolkit will be continually updated and remain free for aspiring ambassadors.
The Plastic Pollution Toolkit is made possible through the work of our supporters, such as 11th Hour Racing and eXXpedition, who have donated time and/or funding to help develop the online resources.
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