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“eXXpedition will be pioneering sailing and research, and also helping build the case for urgent, decisive action on the throwaway plastic apocalypse that our oceans are facing. Such front-line support for our CleanSeas campaign will help get the message further out!”

– Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment

Meet the eXXpedition North Pacific 2018 Sponsors, supporting our journey to make the unseen, seen and designing, innovating and creating sustainable solutions to the worlds plastic problem!


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TOMRA is leading the world in reverse vending solutions, which collect empty cans and bottles for reuse and recycling. TOMRA makes recycling easy and efficient for the industry, system owners, retailers and consumers. Reverse vending drives the circular economy by ensuring containers can be used again and again, in a continuous circle of closed-loop recycling.

With over 82,000 installations across more than 60 markets, TOMRA’s reverse vending systems capture 35 billion used beverage containers every year – reducing reliance on raw materials to produce new bottles, and ensuring fewer containers end up in landfills, streets and oceans.

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The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (implemented by Mercator Ocean) is part of Copernicus Programme, the European Earth observation and environmental monitoring programme. The purpose of this service is to provide open and free access to qualified, regular scientific information on the physical and biogeochemical state of all the Earth’s oceans, on and below the surface, including temperature, currents, salinity, sea height, sea ice, water colour, chlorophyll content, etc.

Two and a half years after it was started, the Copernicus Marine Service has already registered more than 11,000 subscribers worldwide and has more than 100,000 unique visitors per year on its data portal. It is already proving to be one of the successes of the European Copernicus Programme.

Silver Sponsors

Princess Yachts

Since 1965, Princess Yachts has been building luxury motor yachts to universal acclaim in Plymouth, in the south west of England. With a detail-oriented culture of innovation, these yachts are not only some of the most technically-advanced, but are also recognised as the most beautifully crafted, too.  Princess shipyards cover an area of over 1.1 million square feet, an area rich in British maritime heritage. Today, the city’s ship-building heritage continues at Princess Yachts with 2,600 people, each possessing a mastery of their skill, sometimes passed down through the generations or gained through the highly regarded apprenticeship scheme.

Hawk Yachts

Hawk​ ​Yachts​ ​is a new company in yacht design. Decades of experience in numerous industries, experienced captains, expedition leaders, naval architects, engineers, designers, project managers, tourism and hotel specialists, talents in all envolved disciplines teamed up, joined by the vision to develop and build the most versatile yachts ever developed,
able to travel to the most challenging environments on Earth. Yachts that can truly get in and amongst the most spectacular locations in the world in super-yacht levels of comfort.


Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium enables connections between people, organizations and assets to and from anywhere, in real time.

The company has a major development program underway for its next-generation network — Iridium NEXT. The new constellation is a $3 billion investment that will replace the company’s existing global constellation in one of the largest technology upgrades ever completed in space. It represents the evolution of critical communications infrastructure that governments and organizations worldwide rely on to drive business, enable connectivity, empower disaster relief efforts and more.

Global Marine Networks (GMN)

Global Marine Networks (GMN) is the leader in advancing satellite data speeds and services like satellite email, satellite phone internet, and satellite data optimization. Products include satellite hardware, software, and accessories from RedPort and major satellite providers including Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, VSAT, and Thuraya.

Bronze Sponsors

Daedalus Yachts

Daedalus Yachts is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company born out of 35 years of yachting excellence and cutting-edge technological advances. Incorporated 2016 in North Carolina USA Daedalus Yachts is an industry leader in large composite manufacturing and the only Manufacturer of clean “Blue-Green” Luxury Yachts in the world.


Co-founded by Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett in 2004, Y.CO is the disruptive brand in the superyacht industry.

Pioneering innovation and bringing a new dynamic, modern approach to yachting, Y.CO challenges the status quo. Built on a foundation of specialist knowledge, first-hand onboard experience and a passion for yachts and exploring the ocean, Y.CO enables Owners and charter Clients to experience the adventure of yachting at the highest possible levels of service.

Today, Y.CO is a full services yacht company managing over 100 of the largest and most complex yacht operations out of 3 offices worldwide with a team of 100.


Born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea. They take a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable product, challenging and innovating, seeking alternatives to what has gone before.

Port of Vancouver

Located in a naturally beautiful setting on Canada’s west coast, the Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is responsible for the stewardship of federal port lands at the Port of Vancouver, and is mandated to facilitate Canada’s trade objectives, ensuring goods are moved safely, while protecting the environment and considering impacts on neighbouring communities. The port authority integrates environmental, social and economic sustainability initiatives into all areas of port operations.

Gill Marine

Gill was an idea first born on British waters in 1975 by founder Nick Gill, a keen sailor who wanted to create a range of sailing product without compromise; the best fabrics, the best features, the best quality. Now trusted for over 40 years, Gill has grown into an established technical apparel brand meeting consumer needs both on and off the water and continues to combine innovative design with the latest fabric technology to increase the performance of its range.

Meet the eXXpedition North Pacific 2018 Partners, supporting our journey to make the unseen, seen and making their own waves to protect the blue.



UN Clean Seas

UN Environment launched #CleanSeas in February 2017, with the aim of engaging governments, the general public, civil society and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic litter. Around the world governments, companies, and 72,167 people like you are pledging to fight for #CleanSeas. Sign the pledge and take action!

11th Hour Racing

11th Hour Racing establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean – one degree at a time.

Since 2010, 11th Hour Racing has been harnessing the power of sport with an innovative and comprehensive approach through three primary areas of engagement: Partners, Grantees, and Ambassadors.

Parley for the Oceans

Parley is the network where creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. Known for its AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign), Parley leads a new, multidisciplinary approach to environmentalism that looks beyond sustainability and into the future through Eco Innovation. Parley understands current plastic is a design failure, seeing the long-term solution for marine plastic pollution not just in recycling, but in the redesign of the harmful material itself. To create change, Parley introduced Ocean Plastic™, a range of premium materials for the sports, fashion and luxury industries made from upcycled marine plastic debris.

Ocean Wise

The mission of Ocean Wise is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans.

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