2nd August – The Times – All-women eXXpedition sail round Britain for cleaner waters

8th June – Deutsche Welle – Is marine plastic a threat to human health?  and Kunststoff im Meer: Wie gesundheitsschädlich ist Mikroplastik?

7th June – Wild Arran COAST – Wild Arran COAST presents… eXXpedition


4th March – Infinitude movement – Ein magisk plass ved navn borte

21st February- The ecologist – In search of the unseen: an investigation into plastics in our oceans

Vol 9, Issue 52 – Local Sessions


4th December – Folha de Pernambuco

29th November – Florianopolis

25th November – Mission Blue

November – Awear World with Rachel Labbé-Bellas

3rd November – Agencia Jovem de Noticias with Erika Braccini

29th October – CBC DayBreak Montreal (listen below)

29th October – Controradio with Erika Braccini

21st July – Aquablog with Rachel Labbé-Bellas

15th July – West Island Blog with Rachel Labbé-Bellas

16th June – Virgin

14th June – Calgary Herald

May – Gender Heroes

7th April – Plastic Soup News

7th April – Ecohustler

2nd April – Adventure Science

4th March – Bayfield Breeze


Royal Scottish Geographical Society

27th March – Goderich Signal Star

23rd March – Wild Culture

19th March – Wild Culture

16th March – Vice Motherboard Magazine

7th February – 1% for the Planet

21st January – Pan Explore


5th December – Cornell Sailing

November – Hippo Reads

November – Hippo Reads

26th November – Sea Semester

24th November – Newbury Port News

22nd November – Invisible Dust

21st November – The Carcanet Blog

17th November – CoppaFeel!

12th November – Marine Debris

31st October – Scotland Outdoors

29th October – Life of Lucy

22nd October – New Statesman

9th October – Jambeck

9th September – The Why Foundation

8th March – The Culturista

3rd March – Jennifer Pate

17th January – Lucy & The New Dawn Traders

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