Caribbean 2017

eXXpedition Caribbean 2017 is a mission aboard S/V Sea Dragon, hopping between islands, sampling waters, surveying waste and doing local outreach

Caribbean 2017 : Grenada to Barbados to St Lucia on 8th – 16th April

Are you interested in joining the crew?

The crew contribution requirement is $3,990  (if you are a UK citizen paying in GBP let us know and we will use the pre-Brexit exchange rate so you are not penalised because of current British politics!)

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eXXpedition 2017 InformationWant to find out more?

You can find out all about eXXpedition Caribbean 2016, and the plans for 2017 in this Information Pack.




 Meet the team (so far!) who will be making huge waves around the Caribbean!


Lucy Gilliam – Mission Leader

LUCY spends all her time on the water whether she is sailing with eXXpedition across the Atlantic or home with her family living on her sailing barge.

Lucy has a background as an Environmental Scientist with a BSc (1st), in Biological Sciences and a Phd in Microbial Ecology & Soil Science before creating a new life for herself combining her love of sailing, science and building environmental awareness for the plight of our oceans.

Lucy founded eXXpedition with Emily Penn in 2014 and sailed on the very first eXXpedition, racing across the Atlantic from Lanzarote to Martinique. Lucy has sailed all her life, is an experienced Yacht racer and has crossed the Atlantic many times.

Her goal with Caribbean 2017 is to develop a greater understanding of how plastic pollution generated on land connects with plastic found in our seas, and to explore what community based innovations could be developed to tackle the problem. She looks forward to meeting all the inspirational activists the crew from eXXpedition Caribbean 2016 met last year, and to carry the baton forward helping support change for Caribbean communities.

Loes Hendricks – Skipper

LOES had an early passion for sailing and a lifelong ambition to work at sea. She made yachting her full time profession in 2011 and since then she has gained considerable experience over the past years. Having accumulated over 40,000 nautical miles of experience as crew and Captain of various sailing yachts, including five Atlantic crossings, Loes now works freelance as Captain and crew on board sailing yachts.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga and meditation, singing bowl healing, reading, art, snorkelling and hiking. When not on the ocean, she spends her time in the Himalayas. Loes loves adventure and she is looking forward joining the eXXpedition team and sharing her passion for sailing and nature with the crew. It will be Loes’ first time sailing with an all female crew and during this expedition she wants to learn more and raise awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans.                                                                                                                              Ok

Oksana Lane – Science Leader

OKSANA is a wetlands program director in Portland, Maine, USA-based non-profit organization called Biodiversity Research Institute (

Oksana has a Masters degree from the University of Minnesota in Environmental Biology and over the past 20 year has been involved in multiple projects focusing on mercury exposure and assessment in biota and people. Her research interests include wildlife toxicology, conservation on a global scale, coastal avian communities and plastics pollution.

Oksana’s concern for the marine environment has grown over the years since firsthand observing and collecting the astoundingly large amounts of trash and micro plastics during 2012-2014 mercury sampling campaigns in the Mediterranean Sea and while working on a “Limpia Guerrero” project in Mexico.

Oksana hopes to join eXXpedition 2017 to help collect data, spread awareness, share the science and work to reduce pollution and contaminants in our wetlands and in marine environments. Oksana grew up in Minsk, Belarus and now lives in Maine with her son.

Holly Vint – 1st Mate

HOLLY has harboured a lifelong love of the ocean and eventually took the plunge and decided to leave University to run away to sea one year ago. Holly hasn’t looked back since!  Having never sailed before, an amazing opportunity to sail across the Bay of Biscay with a youth sail training charity came up during her first year.  Following on from that awesome voyage she was hooked, and threw herself into as many experiences as possible; first by volunteering, then getting qualified, and eventually working full time for a similar charity based in the North East of England, providing young people from all backgrounds with valuable life and social skills through sailing.

With a need to see more of the world and a love of ocean voyages, Holly now works on adventurous offshore expedition vessels in some pretty cool parts of the world. Her appreciation for the urgency to help protect the oceans sailors love was sparked when she was deckhand for the Ascension and Amazon eXXpeditions in 2015, and she’s really excited to continue this on future eXXpedition trips, this time as 1st Mate!


Diana Papoulias – Onshore Science Coordinator

DIANA is an aquatic toxicologist and fish biologist.

For 30 years, she researched how contaminants affect the health of fish and amphibians for the U.S. Geological Survey.  The focus of her research has been on the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on reproduction. In 2014, she retired from the government and joined the non-profit E-Tech International to train indigenous people in Peru’s Amazon Basin to monitor their homelands for environmental contamination caused by the petroleum industry.

Diana sailed with eXXpedition Atlantic 2014 and took on the role as Science Mission Lead for eXXpedition Ascension 2015, Amazon 2015, and Caribbean 2017.  She lives with her husband and springer spaniel on a farm in mid-Missouri.

Read more at,

Elaina BreenElaina Breen – Nurse

ELAINA  is a OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner whose clinical focus included reproductive health and the social determinates of health. Her career has spanned private practice in Alaska, academic research with the University of California-Irvine in preventing preterm births and the clinical management of birth defects. She currently conduct U.S. Federally-mandated non-financial data audits and analysis of how health insurance companies provide health care services for their enrolled members.

Elaina is an avid sailor and life-long outdoors woman, and is concerned about the impact of chemical toxins on food supplies. Her goal through the eXXpedition experience is to gain a greater understanding of the potential solutions to toxic exposure and of the challenges to their implementation.

Rhiannon Moore – Coastal Outreach Specialist

RHIANNON is a Coastal Outreach Specialist for the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation in Ontario, Canada.  There, she is responsible for education and outreach and teaches visitors about coastal conservation.  She has coordinated a number of projects on marine debris, shoreline clean-ups and plastic pollution.

Rhiannon is a keen adventurer and has led a number of extended wilderness canoe trips, and is also a keen artist in her spare time and uses this passion to raise environmental awareness. She hopes to learn new sailing skills through eXXpedition and expand her knowledge around microplastics and toxins in the marine environment and use this experience to inform others and hopefully protect our coastal and marine environment for future generations. She also hopes to squeeze in a painting or two whilst on board RV Sea Dragon!

Sophia Noel – Biologist

SOPHIA is a Species at Risk Biologist in New Brunswick, Canada where she produces status reports and assessments for endangered species and undertakes habitat mapping to facilitate their protection.  Sophia has a strong background in aquatic biology, animal physiology, microbiology and environmental management and has also field experience in Coastal Marine Ecology.

Sophia is comfortable on the water but is also looking forward to learning how to sail with eXXpedition.  She is also looking forward to applying her experience during Caribbean 2017 and learn new skills in environmental monitoring that she can apply to real-world issues and give back to the community of Grenada, where she grew up for 16 years.

Cath Hough – Deckhand

CATH is a passionate, energetic, knowledgeable and skilled sailor with over ten years’ experience working in the marine industry.  Growing up on the Isle of Wight, England, she was immersed into a sailing culture from an early age, and has thoroughly embraced and enjoyed a life on and around the sea! Over the years, her passion for water sports has grown and she has worked around the world, including Europe, Dubai and China. She has recently moved back to the UK to run sailing camps for children.

Cath will be joining eXXpedition as an experienced deckhand and is hoping it will provide her with an opportunity to improve her offshore sailing and cruising and gain more skills in navigation and handling larger vessels. Having always had an interest in the marine environment, she is also looking forward to explore it further and gaining a better understanding of marine research and is looking forward to meeting and sharing knowledge and experience with people from around the world.

Agathe Bernard – Photographer & Film Maker

AGATHE is a photographer and film maker specialising in female adventures in mountainous environments and ocean conservation. She has had her work published by several outlets including National Geographic, Canadian Mining Journal and Canadian newspapers. Agathe grew up in the mountains north of Quebec City as well as in Switzerland, seeking adventure as often as possible and always with a camera in hand. In the winter she works as a back country guide (tailguide) and professional photographer / filmmaker in the snowy British Columbia Mountains. She is also Director of Communications for the North Columbia Environmental Society, a NGO located in the hearth of the Columbia Mountains who aims at promoting community resilience, conservation and educating local populations.

Her purpose is to share her experience and knowledge as an earth scientist in an effort to inspire people to be responsible, innovative and proactive in their decision-making while empowering people to live the life they have always dreamed of. She also has an interest in the effects of toxins on human health, having worked as an Environmental Specialist correlating blood lead levels in children and environmental exposure. To join a team of women in support of a project, adventure and dream such as this is not only empowering for her, it sends a positive message to future female athletes, photographers, scientists and environmentalists that she thinks is much needed and incredibly valuable.

You can find out more and see some of Agathe’s work here.

Stephanie Hellings

STEPHANIE is an IT professional and currently works at the London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK. Her role involves managing technical change, risk and developing disaster recovery plans. Here, she also chairs the department Green Impact team, which last year won a Gold award for a project they ran to raise awareness of the unsustainability of fast fashion. This year their focus was on raising awareness of technology waste. They ran an event that taught people how to repair their own devices, encouraging people to fix broken devices rather than replace them. They also provided information on the options for proper disposal at the end of their life.

Since taking over the Green Impact team a couple of years ago, she has become eager to become more involved in sustainability projects that make a difference. She sees eXXpedition as a great opportunity to get started. Stephanie is looking forward to working with a diverse group of women and to meeting organisations and individuals along the journey. She is also looking forward to learning from the crew so that she can continue the mission after returning by sharing their message. She hopes to partner with the LSE geography department and discuss environmental policy and outreach initiatives upon her return
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