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Crew Update: Round Britain Day 8

eXXpedition Round Britain leg 2 crew member Carol Devine meets her fellow crew members and Pangaea Exploration’s Sea Dragon for the first time: Mother Nature Rules: Changing Course Leg 2: Arran Island “The first thing I see arriving on Arran Island off the ferry is A bunch of bright green furry mossy rocks on the […]

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Meet eXXpedition scientist Mario Meier

This is part of our on-going series to introduce the fantastic scientists behind the science of eXXpedition Round Britain. Let’s meet Mario Meier! About you Name: Mario Meier Institution Affiliation: Particle Vision GmbH Position: Co-Founder and member of executive board Web URL: General Research Interest: Characterisation and source identification of particles in the atmosphere […]

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Meet eXXpedition scientist Winnie Courtene-Jones

Behind-the-scenes of eXXpedition, we have an amazing volunteer team. This includes fantastic scientists who help our crews make sense of the data and samples collected on our eXXpedition journeys. Over the next few weeks, we are going to introduce you to some of our eXXpedition scientists – a vital but often hidden part of our […]

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Crew Update: Round Britain Day Six

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Vanessa Stephenson explains why day six was her “perfect day” on Sea Dragon: Day 5 “Ended Day 5 on a high. I took the helm on night watch and steered our multi-million dollar yacht on a course guided by stars and lights in the distance. To add to this there […]

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Crew Update: Round Britain Day Four

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Gail Tudor updates us on her visit to Cardiff and how plastic is having a far more prominent role than expected this early in the sail: “Our two days in Cardiff were amazing. Lots of boat tours with families who were really interested in the mission and determined to help […]

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Crew Update: Round Britain Day Three

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Deborah Maw updates us on what has been “rollercoaster ride” of a first couple of days: “This is Friday evening and I’m writing from our storytelling venue – a very charming cafe next to the World of Boats and Doctor Who Exhibition. We left Plymouth on Tuesday evening amidst much […]

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Crew Update: Round Britain Day One

Update from Round Britain Crew Member Lynne Braham: “Yesterday we were just 14 women. None of us knew each other. One or two of us had met once or twice and some of us didn’t know anyone at all. We were just 14 diverse women, brought together by a single cause, but individual and unique […]

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Meet Round Britain crew member Melissa Mayhew

Environmental Scientist and Round Britain Leg 3 Crew Member Melissa Mayhew tells us about her long-standing connection to Plymouth (our Round Britain start and end point) and why she’s happy to be returning as part of the eXXpedition crew: “I didn’t need much of an excuse to fly off overseas to study environmental sciences at […]

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Creating Art from Waste Plastic

Round Britain crew member, biochemist and environmental artist Deborah Maw gives us the low-down on creating art from waste plastic. Postcards featuring Deborah’s art are available for purchase as part of the eXXpedition Round Britain crowdfunding campaign.   Waste plastic can be found in many places; our recycling bins, non-recycling bins, littering our streets and […]

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