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eXX RB: The Importance of Continued Ocean Plastic Research

eXXpedition Round Britain will be launching in August from the Marine Station at the University of Plymouth – one of the global leaders in research into the causes and effects of marine litter. Richard Thompson, Professor of Marine Biology and Head of the International Marine Litter Research Unit, explains the reason more knowledge and action […]

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Major source of microplastic pollution

Every time we do our washing, millions of little pieces of microplastics are released into the waste water. Just by doing the laundry we are all contributing to plastic pollution. The first results of the Life+ Mermaids research have proved that washing is a major source of plastic soup. The Plastic Soup Foundation has made […]

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RESEARCH – Scientists find plastic debris in fish

RESEARCH: Marine Scientist Chelsea Rochman from UC Davis and her team assessed the presence of plastic debris and textile fibers in fish and shellfish for sale at markets in California and Indonesia. The findings: In Indonesia, anthropogenic debris was found in 28% of individual fish and in 55% of all species. Similarly, in California, anthropogenic […]

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