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A Sea Change | ONCA

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director Our oceans are full of plastic, and fragments of fishing nets, bottle lids, microbeads and cotton buds are some of the most dangerous things that lurk in the deep.  Yesterday was the first in a series of events this summer run bySelfridges Project Ocean, the Zoological Society London and a […]

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Two Journeys – Reflections of an eXXpedition Crewmate

When I first found out about being accepted as crew on the eXXpedition Atlantic 2014 I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. There was something about this voyage that got under my skin and ignited there. The prospect was thrilling, to cross an ocean with only women. The purpose of such an expedition […]

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eXXpedition Director and Sea Dragon Skipper Emily Penn at TedXEastEnd

Hear from eXXpedition Director and Sea Dragon Skipper Emily Penn at TedXEastEnd. What can we learn about resilience from remote small island communities? Emily’s work and passion for conservation have taken her around the world, from picking up 56 tonnes of garbage to researching the impact of plastic pollutants on women’s health. In this talk […]

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Food glorious food!

Preparing for an ocean going voyage for 3 weeks at sea is no easy task. Sailors are the engine of a sailing boat so feeding the crew well is paramount. Fortunately for eXXpedition is was made a whole lot easier by the great sponsorship we received from Organico foods, Fish4Ever and Doves Farm! We want […]

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5th December – Land ho!

14 28.02 N 60 51.98 W ……Land Ho!! Lights were spotted on the distant horizon at 4am by Sea Dragon’s second mate, Anne. This soon grew to resemble a string of twinkling lights, and as dawn broke we could see the island of Martinique take shape with its volcanic peak and lush, green wooded slopes. […]

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4th December – Inspiration from our skipper and the ‘what is our future’ sessions

Thursday December 4th saw us experiencing mounting excitement at the prospect of reaching our goal, landing in Martinique. It was also one of our more magical days and evenings, with Mother Nature herself providing an incredible show. We entered an awestruck silence with the wonder of the setting sun, only to be further stunned in […]

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3rd December – Science, Seaweed and Songs

16 27.26 N 56 46.76 W As we cruise ever closer to Martinique’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), situated 200 nautical miles around it’s coastline, today was officially the final day of science! We completed our last Manta Trawl gathering plenty of sargassum (seaweed) as well as a totally different array of organisms – watching a […]

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2nd December – Shanley’s sea tales and a trip to the hair salon, but not what you think!

17 47.97 N 54 04.76 W The miles really are beginning to speed by, despite the constant presence of gruelling heat and flat seas. Our skipper spoke the truth when she told us at the midway point that the days would now start to feel shorter and quicker. They are slipping through our fingers, and […]

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1 December — A New Month & A New Future!

18 43.01 N 51 54.28 W It is December! We celebrated the sunny warm day by happily singing and dancing along with “Feliz Navidad” and “All I want for Christmas is You” (we had excitedly awaited for the first day of December to play some Christmas music). It was another really hot day, and we […]

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