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Alaska: Where the Wild Plastics Are

An update from the wonderful writer, research, teacher and outdoor enthusiast that is Whitney Sanford, who joined us on eXXpedition Caribbean this year. Boat repair kit — check. First aid kit — check. Three days until Kevin and I leave for six weeks of kayaking, camping, and trash hauling in southwest Alaska. Packing and logistics are […]

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eXXpedition Caribbean Sponsor – Badaboom

By eXXpedition Caribbean crew member Rigmor Solnes. I was very happy checking my mail and seeing this package when I got home from the eXXpedition. I am so thankful and grateful for getting Badaboom as a sponsor for my eXXpedition. Check out their webpage for information. Super soft and comfortable bamboo clothes. Panda-friendly and environmental sustainable. […]

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eXXpedition Caribbean Sponsor – Woobamboo

By eXXpedition Caribbean crew member Rigmor Solnes. Thank you so much Woobamboo for sponsoring the crew and me onboard eXXpedition With Woobamboo bamboo  toothbrushes. Read more here. The toothbrushes are made of panda friendly and environmental sustainable bamboo.  

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eXXpedition Caribbean Sponsor – Tufte Wear

By eXXpedition Caribbean crew member Rigmor Solnes. Tufte Wear has been so very kind and contributing to my trip with the eXXpedition by giving me some clothes in bamboo. Thank you so much! They are super soft and comfy! What is Tufte Wear? Tufte Wear is a company founded by the norwegian rower, farmer and Olympic master […]

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We are partnered with Mission Blue!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Mission Blue, the ocean advocacy organisation founded by extraordinary ocean scientist Sylvia Earle. Mission Blue are helping us get our stories of toxics, plastics and female led ocean adventures out to the world! Scroll down to read the article published on their website today. eXXpedition […]

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Larger than Us

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director It’s been exciting to partner with Selfridges Project Ocean over the last month, trying to be part of the sea change to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Now in its fifth year, Project Ocean 2015 has three key pledges: To encourage people to use less plastic, centred around the […]

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The Halifax Report – Making the unseen chemicals causing cancer seen

While many have suspected that low dose environmental exposure to chemicals has a role to play in development of cancer risk, it has been very difficult prove. In light of this difficulty a meeting was convened by the non-profit Getting To Know Cancer in  Halifax in 2013 bringing together scientists, NGOs and progressive regulatory agencies to explore this […]

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Exploration to the Gyres

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director Last night at Selfridges, at the third in Project Ocean’s trio of plastic debates, oceans advocate and sailor extraordinaire Emily Penn led us on a journey of discovery through the five ocean gyres. In her words, at sea “life depends on your ability to respond and react to the changes […]

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Loops and Cycles

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director There are cycles to this planet. We learn about them in school. Rock, carbon, water and nitrogen; they all flow in beautiful circles. But there’s something else that flows too. Waste. More specifically plastic, in the context of Project Ocean’s second public debate. Plastic flows through our water systems, through […]

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