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Cooked, A Plastic Perspective

Recently I have been watching a four part documentary on Netflix called Cooked based on the book by food author, Michael Pollan. It’s a fascinating look not just at the chemistry and history of cooked food but also the place cooking and food holds in society. Anyone who knows me, especially my crew mates on […]

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Looking back on eXXpedition by First Mate Emily Caruso

I cannot recall how many times I have advised my crew that much of what we come to appreciate and love about our sailing adventures occurs in retrospect. It was for this reason that I chose to pause upon my return and wait a while before taking the time to document any final thoughts and […]

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Mission Recife

Every day here in Brazil presents another crazy story or mini adventure as step by step we prepare the boat for the next leg of our journey up the coast of South America to Guyana. We appear to have been befriended by some local wide boys that have made it their mission to deliver whatever […]

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Plastics & Pollution From Dakar to Recife: Meeting the Locals

It has been six days since we arrived in Recife. Two days later, the 28th we said goodbye to Sea Dragon. The day following our arrival we immediately checked into the Port Authority and Customs, all together with our passports in hand which took a few hours.  For most ports usually the captain alone makes […]

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Land A’Hoy!

10.30am, Tuesday 24 November. Land has been sighted. Heather has won the game – first one to spot land doesn’t have to help with the dinghy. To put this into context, sherking dinghy duties is the ultimate prize today and something to be very smug about. Re-erecting the dinghy has been a job both Holly […]

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I want to describe ”watch”. A totally unatural but necessary evil that advances the plot of sailing. It entails so many triumphal moments that I feel compelled to illuminate it in mind-numbing detail in order for all of us to understand this discipline; watch. I asked about it on the first day, silly me, and […]

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There has been a lot of talk about survival lately. We have run out of eggs, a few bags of bread left and no more fresh fruits and vegetables. Emily had to round up and ration the remaining cans of fruit. She announched the other day the fruit cans will be divided during meal times […]

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Plastic in our bodies and plastic in our seas – Let’s get our heads out of the (plastic) sand

During this journey I’ve strived to learn more about plastics, about the effects it can cause in the ocean, on marine life and our health. Luckily we’ve got competence onboard Sea Dragon; toxicologists and marine biologists who can answer most of my questions regarding chemicals and toxics. In addition I’ve been reading up on the […]

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The anticipation of Brazil

After the fickle conditions that dictated our journey south at the start of this adventure, it was a welcome relief to pick up the south easterly trade winds that offer us consistency as we sail on a beam reach towards Recife, Brazil. Our sail plan changes just once a day as we drop the stay […]

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