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Exploration to the Gyres

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director Last night at Selfridges, at the third in Project Ocean’s trio of plastic debates, oceans advocate and sailor extraordinaire Emily Penn led us on a journey of discovery through the five ocean gyres. In her words, at sea “life depends on your ability to respond and react to the changes […]

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Loops and Cycles

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director There are cycles to this planet. We learn about them in school. Rock, carbon, water and nitrogen; they all flow in beautiful circles. But there’s something else that flows too. Waste. More specifically plastic, in the context of Project Ocean’s second public debate. Plastic flows through our water systems, through […]

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A Sea Change | ONCA

By Laura Coleman, Onca Director Our oceans are full of plastic, and fragments of fishing nets, bottle lids, microbeads and cotton buds are some of the most dangerous things that lurk in the deep.  Yesterday was the first in a series of events this summer run bySelfridges Project Ocean, the Zoological Society London and a […]

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Two Journeys – Reflections of an eXXpedition Crewmate

When I first found out about being accepted as crew on the eXXpedition Atlantic 2014 I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. There was something about this voyage that got under my skin and ignited there. The prospect was thrilling, to cross an ocean with only women. The purpose of such an expedition […]

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Happy New Year! eXXpedition by GoPro!

As we draw closer to the beginning of 2015, we wanted to ring in the New Year by sharing a taste of our journey across the Atlantic Ocean with you all! It is important to not only reflect on the past year and how far we’ve come with our project, but also how to move […]

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1 December — A New Month & A New Future!

18 43.01 N 51 54.28 W It is December! We celebrated the sunny warm day by happily singing and dancing along with “Feliz Navidad” and “All I want for Christmas is You” (we had excitedly awaited for the first day of December to play some Christmas music). It was another really hot day, and we […]

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Sunday 30 November — Species Remembrance Ceremony & The Art of Making the Unseen Visible

19 40.70 N 49 19.10 W The morning greeted us with an incredible sunrise and the company of a mixed pod of dolphins, including both clymene and spotted, entertaining us with their antics at the side of the boat for at least a quarter of an hour. The winds have died down to 10 to 15 […]

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Saturday 29 November — A Whale In Our Sights & Inspirational Activism

20’ 44,13 N 46’ 47,16 W Today all 14 of us succeeded in the International Buy Nothing Day mission by not buying anything! Easy! Another day in Sea-She Dragon has passed. Even with no more fresh fruit on board (eek!) we are still enjoying this amazing bold adventure all together in the middle of the […]

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28th November – ‘A Perfect Day’ & Our Super Sailing Psychologist

“It’s such a perfect day…” was the Lou Reed lyrics we were all singing as the night fell. We had a glorious sunny day that made us all pull out our arsenal of non-toxic suncreams, or as close as we could get to that. In between busy lives, accessibility, reasonable price for a yet non […]

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