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Last night I could finally see the moon after a few cloudy nights. It was yellowish and its brightness could reflect upon the ocean even though it was a crescent moon. It looked like it was smiling at us, at Sea Dragon and at the ocean. It looked like two clouds were holding it, and […]

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Drama in Guyana

The night before we began our epic journey into the Essequibo we experienced our strongest squall of 35 knots. It was by no means unmanageable but the night watch were taken a little by surprise and there was an all hands call to reef the main and get the boat steady. There were numerous lights […]

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eXXpedition VS Vacation.

This is something that is joked about on the boat plenty. Many of us, before leaving, encountered friends, loved ones, and colleagues who referred to this as a vacation. Maybe we wax poeticly we are the types to always look on the bright side. This post describes some of our daily challenges. Brazil, tropics, sailing, […]

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Galley Gourmet

Before leaving for eXXpedition many people warned me about food at sea. This was underscored by tales of craving fresh foods from the eXXpedition Ascension crew that we spent about a week with in Recife before boarding Sea Dragon. I love growing food, I love cooking food and I love eating food. So I was […]

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Say YES to adventure in 2016 with eXXpedition Caribbean

Life has a funny way of working out. It twists and turns and you never really get to see what’s waiting around the corner. But that’s the beauty right? the mystery. The adventure.

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Slow living

As Sea Dragon glides forward beneath the soft blanket of a thousand stars, a courteous reef in her main and riding a gentle South Easterly swell. I notice the turn of the planet, Orion drawing a slow arch overhead in the four hours of our night watch, we have talked about the relative speed that […]

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Last night Ana led us in a discussion about the interconnection between global politics and our quest to make the unseen seen on this eXXpedition. We talked about all the complexities of world powers, their unspoken agreements, the interplay of global power with oil, gas and mining corporations, and the impact at the local level. […]

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Words spills out

Rachel has been reflecting on her journey so far with three beautiful poems….   Motion Undulating big blue hills A sail that does not stop to capture On our way, and it all seems to repeat Bumps, dips, bangs & slips How we have moved so much, so far Everything in sight makes its pass […]

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Plastics & Pollution From Dakar to Recife: Meeting the Locals

It has been six days since we arrived in Recife. Two days later, the 28th we said goodbye to Sea Dragon. The day following our arrival we immediately checked into the Port Authority and Customs, all together with our passports in hand which took a few hours.  For most ports usually the captain alone makes […]

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