Sea Dragon is a 72ft (22m), 90,000lb displacement steel hulled sailing vessel built in the UK in 2000. She is one of 11 yachts built for the Global Challenge Race – one of the longest, most demanding ocean voyages ever made with an upwind, west-about 32,000km circumnavigation. Now run by Pangaea Explorations to carry out scientific research, Sea Dragon provides a superb platform of rugged capability, capacity and efficiency with a naturally low environmental footprint – perfect for this type of remote sailing expedition.


The British Maritime and Coastal Agency rate Sea Dragon to the highest standard of Category 0 All Oceans. Designed to thrive in the Southern Ocean and safely handle the worlds worst sailing conditions, the boats were also specifically set up for volunteer crew with limited sailing experience. Today, those same qualities make her an exceptional platform for long-distance, remote expedition sailing. With a crew capacity of 14, and a cruising speed of 10 knots she is a genuine ocean explorer.


Sea Dragon can accommodate up to 14 crew in a combination of sea berths and double bunks. She has two heads with showers, a large well stocked galley, a comfortable salon with seating for 14 people, and a refrigerator and freezer to keep the crew in fresh food for the duration of the voyage. The vessel is equipped with twin iridium satellite phones, HF radio, and all the modern navigation equipment to keep you safe and connected despite being well offshore. The boat is equipped for coastal exploration with two Avon inflatable boats and a scuba compressor with diving equipment. Sea Dragon carries extensive on board medical capability and retain remote expert support through Medical Support Offshore and their team of highly experienced staff.

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As a research vessel Sea Dragon boasts lab space, dissecting microscope, surface net trawling capability, and working deck space. With extensive sails, on-board fresh-water making, extended fuel reserves and almost 1kw of wind/solar power Sea Dragon can conduct long-range unsupported journeys for substantially lower cost than traditionally shared research voyages on large motor vessels and ships.


Pangaea Exploration is a marine conservation organisation, sailing the world to advance exploration, education, and conservation.  Pangaea Exploration operates a 72 ft sailing vessel, Sea Dragon, and coordinates expeditions to carry out scientific research and filmmaking around the world. They have spent the past 5 years sailing 100,000 nm, researching plastic pollution, ocean acidification and coral health. They provide a platform for scientists to collect the necessary samples to conserve the marine ecosystems.

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