eXXpedition Caribbean Sponsor – Tufte Wear

March 31, 2016

By eXXpedition Caribbean crew member Rigmor Solnes.

Tufte Wear has been so very kind and contributing to my trip with the eXXpedition by giving me some clothes in bamboo. Thank you so much! They are super soft and comfy!


What is Tufte Wear?

Tufte Wear is a company founded by the norwegian rower, farmer and Olympic master Olaf Tufte.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a tree-like grass which grows wildely in Asia, middle-america and south-america, Africa and Australia.


What is Tufte Wear made of?

Tufte Wear is made of bambooviscose from the which is made of Mao Zhu or Phyllostachys edulis, which grows in the Sichuan region in China, which is a type of bamboo that the Panda does not eat!

What is special with bamboo?

Bamboo does not require much water and area for the production, and it does not require any chemicals or fertilizer.

What is special with bambooviscose?

Bambooviscose is very soft, you do not need softner, and it also help to reduce the growth of bacteria.

What about the panda?

The panda does not like the type of bamboo that is used in Tufte Wear.





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