Words spills out

December 15, 2015

Rachel has been reflecting on her journey so far with three beautiful poems….



Undulating big blue hills

A sail that does not stop to capture

On our way, and it all seems to repeat

Bumps, dips, bangs & slips

How we have moved so much, so far

Everything in sight makes its pass

the clouds, the cups, the soap, and the ropes

Friends at the helm, feeling the sail

Winches adjust us to the right fit

As we continue with purpose and will

until we finally stop to reflect

What a journey it will be.



Where am I going?

I can’t see

Tonight is not easy, I tell Emily

Just trust, look ahead, that is the key

We giggle, I tremble

as the nerves settle inside me

I say Sarah, this is crazy

what an adventure, how wild,

how different of a night this will be.


Well-oiled Machine

Routine, teams, roles

are some of our daily duties

hourly logs, rotations,

adjustments too

A strict schedule and deployment of our science tasks follow

We are an efficient and happy machine

During refueling meals we release unwanted build up

We reset and reboot when the juice is low

Our parts work

Supporting, sustaining, synchronizing

Hopefully we can adopt these skills




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