Fair winds

November 13, 2015

The wind is now in our favor – but not soon enough to make Ascension Island in our allotted time. “The wind is in our favour”. What exactly does that mean? No longer can I hear that sentence and take it at face value. It is now a huge question mark at 4am about sails, reaches, easing, speed over ground and a zillion other calculations that are a language of their own. A language of nuance and certainty, that a week ago was as foreign to me as Swahili. But now some of it has moved into the place of the familiar. Almost mine, not quite ownership, but someday. I don’t own it yet, but it is more familiar.

With that, I gain confidence.  I suggest, that this is one of the reasons we are all here; to find the confidence in ourselves to tack, change directions, trim, correct, correct again and to do it again and again with joy and confidence.

To live fearlessly.

I look forward to increasing my vocabulary and going from familiar to ownership.  I look forward to fair winds.

– Heather

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