Round Britain 2017

On the 8th August 2017, our intrepid all-female crew will be circumnavigating the UK with the aims of investigating the plastics and toxics in the seas around us. Along the way, Sea Dragon and the crew will be stopping at various ports to meet with policy-makers, lead workshops and lectures and will be hosting a number of other events

Crowdfunding Campaign

This current LIVE crowdfunder page is to raise the final funds required as we sail Round Britain researching and raising awareness of the plastic problem blighting our oceans. In June 2017 we successfully raised £15,000 towards our £20,000 target. We are now aiming to raise the final £5000 needed to cover the costs of the mission. Thank you in advance for your support.

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“Thanks to generations of curious, daring, intrepid explorers of the past, we may know enough, soon enough, to chart safe passage for ourselves far into the future.”
– Sylvia A. Earle : Mission Blue



We are all-female crew on scientific research missions exploring the world’s oceans while creating inspiring narratives of female leadership and personal and environmental exploration.


Our mission is to explore the issue of plastics, chemicals, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens in our personal and global environment that can cause disease. Our aim is to engage women in scientific narratives relating to the consumer choices they make, and their long-term health impacts on themselves and our environment.

Along an eXXpedition voyage the crew sample the Ocean for plastics and pollutants, feeding in these samples to wider studies investigating the impacts of toxics and plastics pollutants and linking this sampling to narratives of ecosystem health, personal health and the products we consume.


Unseen women

There is also a lack of diversity in gender and race role models in both STEM professions and in exploration / sports events. We would like to assemble a crew of inspiring female role models and help address the balance.


While there is no scientific consensus, there is an evidence base building that environmental exposure from chemicals is impacting women’s health. We would like to better understand the links between health of the environment and of our bodies.


Breast cancer rates in young women are on the rise. Women’s specific disease research has a low public profile in the media and there is an imbalance in research funding directed towards gender specific diseases.

our documentary

We made a documentary to share with you our vision for a cleaner, healthier future. We’d love for you to watch

On the 16th of November 2014 eXXpedition launched the first mission with a crew of 14 women setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of answers relating the health of our environment to the health of our bodies.

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